Dinosaur Christmas Tree & a Cat in a Christmas Sweater?

People have told Chris and I that we look a like.  Do you think it’s possible for two people to start looking alike just because they’re together all the time? Take a look at an old couple. Do you think so?

Here’s a photo of my parents.

Photo by Chris Beauchamp (www.beauchampphotography.ca)

Um? Well, at least my mother doesn’t have a beard.

Earlier in November, with the help of a volunteer and my mother (who sent the blue ribbon) I designed ideas for decorating a “Dinosaur Christmas Tree” for a festival called “Festival of Trees” in Grande Prairie. I decided to do the tree to help raise awareness about the new dinosaur museum we are trying to raise the funds to build in Wembley, Alberta. Check out the future museums website!

Our little 3-foot tree was sold for $100. It made me so happy to see “SOLD” on it, and even happier to see how many people were enjoying it at the festival.

Laura's "Dinosaur Christmas Tree", representing the museum that will soon be built just outside of Grande Prairie, Alberta. As it stands right now, the museum will be called the, "River of Death & Discovery Dinosaur Museum". How do you feel about that name? Like it? Don't? Please let me know your opinion.
Our volunteer constructed this crate. We had designed it to have a pile of sand surrounding the base but the people organizing the festival wouldn't put it there. Honestly! How hard is it to clean up some sand?
I hand painted the museums name onto the blue Christmas balls, and found dinosaur bones to hang from the tree!

On Saturday December 11, 2010 Chris and I hosted a grand Christmas Party. We had Christmas crakers, pot-luck, rockin’ Christmas songs and a Chinese gift exchange. It was a marvelous time. We also had mandatory UGLY Christmas sweaters. We made our own ugly Christmas invitations for our party, so we decided to stick Zappa, our cat, into a Christmas sweater.

Ah, Christmas cheer and spirit even in a cat. Don't worry we gave him a treat after this humiliation.
He look's pretty fat.
The gang who made up our Christmas party!


2 responses to “Dinosaur Christmas Tree & a Cat in a Christmas Sweater?”

  1. Hi guys…looks like you are all still nuts and loving it. Good for you, glad you are having fun. Pretty bad when young man Ryley is one of the few sane ones in the goofy crowd. Loved your photos and great job on your tree.

    Love you always…Mom

  2. Merry Christmas you two! *hugs*

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