This blog is up, but a definite work in progress. If you’re checking it out now, that’s cool, but you may want check back in in a couple of weeks. The finished version is going to be a bit more elegant than this one. I hope to make it a nice, clean interface, where the content takes centre stage.

Speaking of content, we won’t have much time to blog either for the next bit, but I think we both want to do a bit of pre-trip posting to let readers know about our approaches to research and planning (and packing), and try to show them just how easy this kind of travel is.

I should also mention that if you are viewing this site on Internet Explorer 6, you should consider upgrading your browser. IE6 is notorious for being an obsolete browser that does not support many of the common features of modern web architecture. There are several free browsers you could choose instead, including Firefox, Apple’s Safari, and Google Chrome. Unfortunately, this site will not render properly in IE6, and will therefore not look very pretty. It will function properly though.

Anyway, please bookmark the site and check back every little bit. Here’s some of our light reading material:

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