Days 8 and 9-ish: Landscape Roundup!

Just east of Capitol Reef National Park on HWY 12.

The landscapes of Southern Utah are completely blowing our minds. So much so that we’re actually getting burned-out on them. You look out the window and see a scene that would leave you speechless anywhere else in the world. But here, it’s like “meh.”

Anyway, we’re pulling out of Moab this morning, heading south through Monument Valley, and we need to check out of our motel right away, so here’s a dump of photos.

Peace out!

Hoover Dam, tilt-shifted.
Hoover Dam (photo by Laura).
Red Rocks in Lake Mead park.
Just west of Zion National Park.
Climbers in Zion.
Laura at Zion National Park.
Zion mountains, tilt-shifted.
Just west of the Bryce Canyon junction.
Outside Bryce Canyon.
Bryce Canyon.
Hwy 12 in the middle of Southern Utah.
Outside Capitol Reef.
Outside Capitol Reef.
Outside Capitol Reef.
East of Capitol reef.
East of Capitol reef.
East of Capitol reef.
East of Capitol reef.
Outside of Green River, Utah.


3 responses to “Days 8 and 9-ish: Landscape Roundup!”

  1. Christine Campbell Avatar
    Christine Campbell

    Wow. Just mind blowing is right!! Also, the second photo I said “wow, this totally looks like a miniature… ps: what’s tilt shifted?” So I wikipedia’d it. That’s what you were going for! Well, you totally did it! I actually thought it a was a miniature, not the real Hoover dam! Amazing shots you two!

  2. so righteous guys!

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