Here are some older photos from the landscape of central Turkey in the area known as Cappadocia. I’m also just finishing a post about Lanciano for you before I convince Chris and my girl friend to retire to the apartment to watch more of the “Sopranos”.

The remarkable pigeon holes in Cappadocia are meters above the ground to keep the birds safe from predators. The people who cared for the pigeons, and collected their dropping for fertilizer, use to climb up passageways carved within the stone mountain. Some pigeon holes even feature wonderful painted decorations like the ones see here.

The dramatic landscape of Cappadocia (enhanced with some post-processing).

Cappadocia from up high.

The mushroom-capped rocks of Cappadocia. There is one valley full of these geological rock formations which is known as the "Valley of Love"...

Thousands of years ago humans carved homes into the rocks in Cappadocia.

In Imagination Valley in Cappadocia, you can spend an entire morning looking for shapes in the rocks.