Scuba diving at Ko Phi Phi Ley island in Thailand

Ko Phi Phi Ley island, Thailand.

I was filled with anticipation for our two dives at Ko Phi Phi Ley because they were our first dives that were not part of our scuba training and also our first dives not in the waters around the Thai island of Ko Tao.

The atmosphere was completely different from Ban’s Diving School. It was relaxed and calm. None of the boat crew or our two dive masters did anything very fast. They were truly living life at island pace.

As I spat in my mask one last time before preparing to go down for our second dive, our dive master asked me, “So, what do you want to see?”

“Um……I’d love to see a giant moray.”

“And have you seen a string ray?” she asked.

“No, never. It’d be fantastic to see a Lion Fish also.” I replied, thinking to myself that I must be asking for the world wanting to see all three of those creatures in one dive.

“Ok. I’ll see what I can do,” she smiled and gave me the “Okay” signal before the “Let’s go down” signal.

Chris preparing his scuba gear for his 10th dive, although Princess is the last word I'd use to describe Chris. Hee, hee.

Once we got down we had about 15 meters visibility. It was the best visibility Chris and I had ever had because unfortunately while we were learning in Ko Tao they were experiencing a bad month for visibility. I counted my breath, 3 seconds in and 5 out. I tried to relax all the muscles in my body. I tried to relax about all the things that can make you nervous under the water and have you constantly checking your gauges.

I looked at the fish swimming all around me, the school above who could only be seen as varying degrees and shades of grey silhouette’s.

“I am a fish. I belong here,” I thought to myself. I laughed a little at myself and smiled at how wonderful this dive was.

In the water you can spot one of the dive masters with a beginner diver. They were part of the group we went scuba diving with here at Ko Phi Phi Ley, the island where Leo filmed, "The Beach".

We slowly swam above a sandy patch and hiding in a lonely piece of coral was a box fish! If you’ve never seen one before or never heard of one they are definitely worth checking out.  Their tiny fins are simply unable to control the direction of their body against even the slightest current. I suppose being shaped like a box doesn’t help their aerodynamic ability either.

Continuing above the sand I saw our dive master stop. I didn’t see a single thing but low and behold with her pointing stick she directed our attention to a stingray.  Upon seeing it I took a deep breath to ensure my somewhat inconsistent buoyancy didn’t send me downward on top of it. After all they contain a poison in their tail that they will whip over their bodies to stab potential threats. Many of you may recall the “Crocodile Hunter” dieing when a Bull stingray stabbed him through the chest.

We swam on and spotted another ray. I looked at my air. 60 bar. I didn’t have much time and that meant Chris had even less. Our dive master was motioning to us again.

“Wow,” I thought. She sure is amazing at finding the animals.

I swam closer and sticking it’s head out about 1.5 feet was a Giant Moray. Awesome!

And finally the fish I’ve liked since learning about it in Grade 6, the Lion Fish. I imagined it being around 5 inches in diameter but the ones we saw were only about 3 inches. What beauty.

I surfaced happy and content, eager to do diving again. Hopefully we’ll find a good deal in Vietnam. We’re heading there on August 15 via a 17 hour bus ride. I hope to dive at Nha Trang, but with such a tight schedule it might not be possible.

After our dive while we relaxed on the boat with hot cups of tea, another boat load of divers arrived. Before their boat came to a complete stop they started barreling off the back.


4 responses to “Scuba diving at Ko Phi Phi Ley island in Thailand”

  1. Joel Jenkins Avatar
    Joel Jenkins

    So I am visiting there in two days and still concerned about scuba diving and it’s visibility. Was the trip still worth it and the visibility pretty descent?

    Can’t decide if I should go scuba diving or sea canoeing at Phang Nga Bay. Any advice you have would be wonderful and appreciative.

    1. We would recommend it wholeheartedly, although I can’t speak about current conditions.

  2. Hi Chris and Laura,
    How nice to see you guys visiting some of my most favorite places! I have so many lovely memories from this part of the world.
    Thanks for documenting your journey and bringing those memories back for me.

    1. Laura Beauchamp Avatar
      Laura Beauchamp

      Glad you’ve enjoyed our blog Kate! It was absolutely stunning in Thailand and specifically Ko Phi Phi Ley. Nonetheless, I think I’m ready to come back home. In 10 days we fly to Vancouver. From there we head up north to settle into our new life in Grande Prairie. I’ve got lots of work ahead of me to create education programs from nothing, so I’ll be looking to you and AMA for professional help and opinions. Cheers. Be in touch soon. -Laura-

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