I was filled with anticipation for our two dives at Ko Phi Phi Ley because they were our first dives that were not part of our scuba training and also our first dives not in the waters around the Thai island of Ko Tao. The atmosphere was completely different from Ban’s Diving School. It was relaxed and calm. None of the boat crew or our two dive masters did anything very fast. They were truly living life at island pace. As I spat in my mask one last time before preparing to go down for our second dive, our dive master asked me, “So, what do you want to see?” “Um……I’d love to see a giant moray.” “And have you seen a string ray?” she asked. “No, never. It’d be fantastic to see a Lion Fish also.” I replied, thinking to myself that I must be asking for the world…Continue Reading
Chris and I have now been in Thailand for two weeks and it is truly the vacation from the vacation that we both needed. I cannot think of one thing to complain about. The food is amazing, the weather is perfect flip-flop and bikini weather and we had fun learning to scuba dive! We are currently on a very small island off the east coast of Thailand called Koh Tao. The island is only 21 square kilometers. We decided to learn how to scuba dive here because it’s pretty much the cheapest place to do it in the world and there are many dive sites surrounding the island. We choose Ban’s Diving Resort because it was highly recommended by our faithful Lonely Planet.  It certifies more scuba divers every year than any other scuba school in the world! Last year they certified 40,000 people! We did the first two dives of…Continue Reading