We had a really great time taking a Chilean cooking class in Valparaíso. We met our guide and chef, Vlad, in a coffee shop on Sotomayar Square. We also met our new American friends and cooking buddies Tamara and Chris, who would be joining us for the class. These two are enjoying a very cool 12 month sabbatical traveling all over South America. After a pleasant coffee, we hopped on a local bus to get down to the market. Vlad is a very interesting fellow. Chef, former marine, mixed martial artists, and lifelong Valparaísian, he taught us about hunting out the freshest fish (in our case the fish was Reineta, and the trick was looking for red under the gills) and we also picked up a bunch of fresh produce, before heading to get some wine and go back to the cooking school perched atop Cerro Artillería. We began the…Continue Reading