We are in a place called Promontoria de Gargana, which is the little nub on the heel of Italy. Gargana is a national park, and a very beautiful peninsula. We’re in full-on hippy mode now, living in our Westfalia. More on that eventually. For now, enjoy some images from a few days ago of Florence at night. The photos below are a mix of shots form both Laura and I.  
For our first evening in Florence we had the honour of participating in a private cooking course at the Giglio Cooking School, located a few minutes walk from the city centre. This wonderful experience was a gift from our friends Christine and Mike, whose wedding we are attending later this month on July 25 in northern Italy. Thanks so much you two! We had a wonderful time and will draw upon our lesson for years to come. I can’t believe how easy it is to make gnocchi and how labour intensive it was to make a dish our teacher referred to as “the green children”, which was a zucchini baked puree pastry. The class started at 6:00 pm and we sauntered our stuffed bellies out of Marcella’s around 9:45 pm. The menu consisted of: gnocchi with pesto sauce, veal chops stuffed with cheese, zucchini souffle and tiramisu for desert. Of course…Continue Reading