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Hey guys, Welcome to our film debut! The footage is all from one day in and around Fethiye, on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Please feel free to let the Oscar Committee know what you think. We rented a scooter in Fethiye for three days. Cost us 60 Turkish Lira total (about $45 CDN), plus another 40TL in gas. Our moms will be happy to know that the scooter was returned without incident yesterday. The video was shot with a little Canon point-and-shoot and edited with iMovie ’09. I gotta say, it’s a powerful little software package, and super easy to use. Although, editing still took us about 7 hours. Footage by Laura Editing by Chris and Laura Music by Niyaz (they’re Iranian, not Turkish, but the mood is right) Song is Nahan If you want us to produce more videos in the future, you better let us know in…Continue Reading
Ciao tutti! We haven’t had internet access for the past few days.  But alas, now that we are in our 30.00 Turkish Lira room per night ($21.75 Canadian) which has a lovely view of the Fethiye harbour, we couldn’t be happier. The town is bustling and the mountains and water are so peaceful. Chris is in the process of shaving off most of his beard while I update you guys. I’ve got to admit, I’m excited. Ok, just for kicks, here’s a before shot of Chris with the beard he’s been growing since late December. He even grew out his hair! It’s longer than I’ve ever seen it. Once we’re both showered I think it’s date night on this gorgeous Friday evening. While we’re here, we have lots to update you on like the monuments at Ephesus, eating boar tongue for breakfast, our fabulous new friends Petrit and Gloria who we met…Continue Reading