We’ve decided on a minor detour

All this for 100 Euros? Sure, why the hell not.


5 responses to “We’ve decided on a minor detour”

  1. Hey hey!
    We just got our visas a few days ago. So should be in Iran within a week. I see ur goin to morocco for a while. When do u think you’ll be in Iran?
    Wishin you safe travels!
    Petrit & Gloria

  2. Daniel Fleming Avatar
    Daniel Fleming

    speaking of planes…

    I saw this article and thought since you both did so much traveling without planes. I thought you would be interested in the idea of traveling without planes.


    1. Thanks Daniel. I enjoyed reading that. I’ve always wanted to do the Transatlantic crossing by ship. hmmmmm…

  3. Christine Avatar

    Hey Guys! Sounds great! you are welcome to crash at my place again when you arrive back in Italia! 😀

  4. Daniel Fleming Avatar
    Daniel Fleming

    thats awesome!! man that’s cheap! i can barely fly to austin, texas for that much, just for me!, and i live in dallas!!!

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