Just a quick video update from Fez, Morocco, where we just returned from 5 days in the desert, and endured a 24 hour bus ride to get here. We only have a few days left in Morocco, and we’re both quite drained from the constant travel in our attempt to get a feel for this place in a scant three weeks.

The video was recorded at the top of the highest dune at Erg Chigaga, a sprawling area of sand that sits on the northern Sahara less than 40 km from the Morocco/Algeria border. We trekked 4 days on foot to get there, over 60 km of brutal desert. This morning I finished typing up my notes from out there (somewhere, ha ha), and will be publishing those along with some photographs from the trip as part of a series of posts I’m calling Sahara Diaries. It’s something a little different from what we usually do around here. It’s a bit more personal and a bit more magazine-y. I hope you enjoy it.

We made this video in Zagora, the night we got out of the desert in order to tease our blog readers with the upcoming content and to let everyone know we were safe and sound. But after trying in three Internet cafes to get it online, we realized we had to wait for the faster connection speeds of a big city like Fez. So, here it is, a little late, but still worth a watch. Laura has some posts on Morocco in the works, and my series will start to be published in serial form over the next week or so. Check back soon!