From Iran to Singapore?

Hey all,

Well, it’s our last few hours in Iran. We’re catching a flight after dinner tonight to Bangkok via Bahrain. Iran has really grown on us, with the friendliest people we’ve met yet. We can now totally relate to celebrities, who have to greet their fans everywhere they go. No, our blog is not super famous in Iran, they just treat all foreign visitors like this. We literally can’t walk ten feet sometimes without being stopped and welcomed to Iran.

That said, Iran was a little tough at first. I don’t know if we were just getting burned out on travelling in Muslim countries (Turkey, Morocco, Iran), or if it was the one to two week culture shock that we’ve noticed we get in every country we visit, but when we first entered the country we were feeling ready to move on. We were also still feeling pretty sick from some food in Eastern Turkey. Thankfully that all passed, and after having some amazing experiences we could definitely see ourselves coming back here to explore the parts of the country we missed this time around.

We’ll have some more to share from Iran in the next little while as we catch up on things. It’s always hard when we go to a new country to find the enthusiasm to write about the last one, but we’ll make a go of it.

Since Thailand technically requires an onward flight in order to enter the country, we’ve made another addition to our itinerary. The cheapest flight we could find was from Bangkok to the island city-nation of Singapore. So, we’re going to Singapore!

Our rough plan right now is to stay in Thailand until the end of July, then fly to Singapore for 2-3 nights, before catching another cheap regional flight to Vietnam. From there, we’ll spend our last few weeks traveling overland back to Thailand, hopefully making stops in Cambodia and Laos as well. But knowing us, this will probably all change. One thing’s for sure: Laura will be getting authentic Vietnamese soup one way or another.

I’m writing this from the hotel computer in Shiraz, so unfortunately I can’t add any pictures. But we spent yesterday visiting the archeological sites near Shiraz, including the grand-daddy of Iranian history, Persepolis. So we’ll definitely have some pictures soon.

Take care everyone. And peace be upon you. Apparently today is the birthday of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) so it’s a holiday here. Hopefully we can find somewhere to eat lunch.

Chris and Laura


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