Happy (slightly belated) Fathers’ Day!

Thumb's up for you guys! (not in the Iranian sense)

Hi Dads!

We are thinking about you. We also want  you to know that we love you and that we wouldn’t want any other dads. You’re both fantastic people.

We look forward to giving each of you a BIG hug next time we see you. For now, here’s a virtual hug: “hug”.

Hope you enjoy the photos, and we hope you have (had!) not only one fantastic day, but a whole year of them.

We love you very, very much.

-Laura & Chris-

p.s. – Laura typed this one, so it’s a little cornier than I would have put. I would have stuck with a good old handshake, and maybe an awkward “Love ya.” But I like how she put it too.

Hey Dads, look at the beautiful children you created!


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