Eyeball twitch

We saw Avatar in IMAX 3D (hence the dorky glasses).

Chris and I had a good visit with friends and my family in Edmonton. We saw Avatar in the IMAX theatre. It was entertaining and imaginative. Besides that, we sat around eating, drinking,watching T.V. and chatting.

It’s been a good trip so far, without any mishaps. Surprisingly it’s not entirely stress free. I think the “not having an income”, and perhaps the “not having a home” takes some getting use to on the stress cells. My left eyeball has a very irritating twitch, something that only happened to me at work when I was stressed out. Um? I primarily attribute my eye twitch to the stress of money management.

On the plus side, I paid off my credit card! However that leaves us with a lot less funds for everything else. This is a challenging exercise, but when we’re full into our trip, I’m sure I’ll pick-up the ways and means of budget living, and finding jobs abroad.


3 responses to “Eyeball twitch”

  1. I assure that none of us are yokels.. but I do have to go look that word up!

  2. Not sure what you’re saying exactly Colin, you’re the biggest yokel we know. But thanks for commenting.

  3. Do you guys have hard core yokels as friends and/or family. Why did you feel it necessary to hy-phen-ate a good chunk of the story.

    UnIrRegardless…i’m still jealous…and look forward to more.
    Will come visit when you find “home” over there. I’m not joking.

    ps. hyphens don’t help if you don’t know the meaning anyways.
    pur­it­an­ical? ….have no fcking clue.

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