Most people see Italy via train but we decided to rent a Westfalia camper van and drive around at our hearts desire. We rented the van from a company called Van Italy, which is a small operation with locations in Rome and Cesena, where we got ours. Besides renting the van at $2,000 for 17-days, we also paid $200 for extra travel insurance so we have the option of popping over into Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. Another great feature are the “Night Kits” (15 Euro each) and “Kitchen Kit” (25 Euro) the company has available to rent. Surprising though the kitchen kit didn’t have a wine opener! This seems like an essential in Italy, no?

Cooking in Camper-2171

This camping site located in Vieste, Italy on the Gargano National Park peninsula cost 28 Euro (~$40 Canadian) per night for two people and one camper. The site was right next to the beach and included power, showers, toilets, dishwashing stations, free fast wifi, a beautiful pool, beach chairs with complimentary beach toys, and entertainment like you get at a Mexican resort (aquasize on the beach, and evening performances).

Campgrounds in Italy seem to always have toilets and sinks but never have toilet paper or soap, so remember to bring your own.

Showers cost extra at some campgrounds (.50 to 1 Euro) and typically you need to pay this at the registration and get a special token for the shower. It appeared that most ran on 5 minute timers.

The more expensive campgrounds (28+ Euros/night for two people and one camper) include the showers and also have additional amenities such as a store, restaurant, bar and some basic entertainment.

Only thru camping in Italy have I come to realize how “sitting around the fire” is very Canadian. Heck we still do it even on hot nights! Ha ha. Gotta have our smokies and smores I guess.
This is why I love traveling: to learn how  people do everyday or common things differently.

I’ve never camped in a Westfalia and I’m loving it. If we ever buy a camper in Canada, it would be something like this. Here are some images of us cooking dinner in the wonderful Westfalia we’ve named “Bella Brunhildalina”.

Cooking in Camper-2189

Cooking in Camper-2180

Cooking in Camper-2194

Cooking in Camper-2174

Cooking in Camper-2196