An excellent representation of the complexity of excavating the site of Troy.
On the way to the site the clouds didn’t hold much hope for us as they blocked the sky and quickly made puddles in the street. The dolmus continued to bump and turn on the winding streets. Some other tourists spoke loudy in the front. We couldn’t understand them. We only knew it was taxing to be forced to listen. The  clouds parted just as the dolmus stopped at the long walkway leading up the site of Troy. Wonderful, we thought. 30.00 Turkish Lira ($20.00  CAN) later we found ourselves standing at the base of another wooden horse. Unfortunately Brad Pitt never touched this one, but you can go inside! So of course being  me, I did. Chris on the other hand decided to climb the walls of Troy. For us, the road to Troy started at the Archaeological Museum in Istanbul. The museum contains artefacts from archaeological digs from…Continue Reading