Hey gang, Both Laura and Chris here this time. We are in an Internet cafe in a small city called Bijar. In Iran, Internet cafes are called coffeenets, even though there is no coffee in sight. Just a reminder, some popular Internet sites are blocked here, including Facebook and, apparently, Yahoo. So if you want to reach Laura, be sure to use her Gmail address (laura.dawn.beauchamp(at)gmail.com). Today we visited a site called Takht-e-Soleimon, which was the religious centre of Zoroastrianism for hundreds of years. Zorostrianism was one of the first monotheistic religions, and still has a following here in Iran, even though it is over 3,000 years old. We also climbed a nearby volcano cone, and peered into a deep caldera that was full of cliff swallows and buzzing bees. Yep, a volcano, full of bees. As if a volcano isn’t dangerous enough! We got some cool shots which we…Continue Reading