What a week. From a whirlwind of wrapping up (or at least catching up) work projects, to a tearful family get together, to the jungles of Costa Rica. Never mind the weather shock of going from cold, dry Canadian spring (still winter) to the muggy, humid scorching sun of Central America. Never mind the culture shock of going from neat and tidy chain-store North America to ramshackle Pura Vida Costa Rica. Forgetting all that, the sheer distance we’ve come in the last 24 hours has left us a little shell-shocked. The red-eye flights. The uncomfortable sleeps on the planes. It’s so easy to get consumed by the day to day stresses of life (and work) at home, and yet so easy to arrive in a new place and to remember that there is a whole wide world out there. Grande Prairie seems very far away indeed. Upon landing at the…Continue Reading