Ice Fishing! For Day 3 we drove onto Prosperous Lake for ice fishing, something Chris and I have never done. Like clockwork, shortly after finding our location, the clouds pushed aside and showered us in sun. The temperature was a balmy -6 degrees as Chris and Glenn took turns using the auger to drill through the 3 foot thick ice. Unlike clockwork, we sat there for a few hours and didn’t catch anything. Ha, ha. Oh well, it was still a marvellous, new, adventure.  
  One day Glenn and Chris, while drinking, thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to travel to northern Canada, to Yellowknife, together”. I texted Eliza, Glenn’s wife, and asked, “Are the guys serious about Yellowknife? Is it just a guys trip or can we go too?” So here we are. Sitting under the northern lights as I type this. Glenn’s staring out the giant windows of living room and Chris and I just unbundled from bracing the cold for about 50 minutes watching the lights and maveuvering our camera around. This is an adult road trip. It makes me giggle and so happy to have a road trip with others again. There are five of us: Glenn and Eliza, Chris and I and Erika (her equal half couldn’t make it due to work). We drove the 1, 185 kilometres on Saturday March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day) from Grande Prairie, Alberta to…Continue Reading