As happens on our longer trips we have fallen behind in blogging. For that, you can blame Rapa Nui itself, thanks to ample summertime sun, tons to see and do, and often frustratingly slow internet connections on the island. Also, you can blame us, because who wants to blog in a place like this? We leave this place tomorrow, which is a shame. Although we are looking forward to getting home, we’ll be sad to say goodbye to one of the most remote inhabited places on Earth. This place has many names: Easter Island (to the English-speaking world), Isla de Pascua (to Chile–which claims ownership), and Rapa Nui (to the culture that has called it home for about 1000 years). Whatever you call it, it’s magical. Our visit coincided with the annual island culture festival, Tapati, although we only caught the last few days of this two week event. So…Continue Reading