Hi all, We’re running to our overnight train for Nagpur and Seoni, so I’ve got to make quick work of this post. Here are some photo highlights from Day 4-7 in Jaipur and Agra, which are two of the three points of the Golden Triangle (Delhi being the third). Dana (finally) joined us on our last day in Delhi, and is universally loved by our male guides and driver. Apparently there is a word that sounds roughly like “dyena” that means the devil. Kimi thinks that’s pretty funny. As per usual, all pictures are by myself and my mom, Margie. ANIMALS India’s got lots of cool animals that previously I’ve only seen in the zoo. ON THE ROAD We’ve spend a lot of time on the road over the past couple days (10 hours total), so we’ve seen a lot of stuff along the way. It’s been fun, but we’re…Continue Reading
Elephant Highway
Hi all, my name’s Dale. I’m a friend of Chris and Laura’s from way back and I’m going to India. Here’s a little background for my trip: My grandmother was the daughter of a Scottish Protestant minister stationed in India during the first half of the 20th Century. She was born and raised in Seoni, India, at the Mission Compound, which was built by my great grandfather. The compound still stands today and includes a school, an orphanage, a hospital and a church (obviously). Seoni also happens to be the town from Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book. I grew up listening to my grandmother’s stories of crafty monkeys, spitting camels and her pet cobra-killing mongoose, and it’s long been a dream of mine to visit India. Today, I’m flying into Dehli (reportedly one of the worst airports in the world) with my mother, Margie, father, Kim and sister, Dana. Dana is…Continue Reading