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Hello India!

Hi all, my name’s Dale. I’m a friend of Chris and Laura’s from way back and I’m going to India.

Here’s a little background for my trip:

My grandmother was the daughter of a Scottish Protestant minister stationed in India during the first half of the 20th Century. She was born and raised in Seoni, India, at the Mission Compound, which was built by my great grandfather. The compound still stands today and includes a school, an orphanage, a hospital and a church (obviously). Seoni also happens to be the town from Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book.

Mission High School in Seoni, India
This is the school my great-grandfather built in Seoni, India. We're going to go check it out.

I grew up listening to my grandmother’s stories of crafty monkeys, spitting camels and her pet cobra-killing mongoose, and it’s long been a dream of mine to visit India.

Today, I’m flying into Dehli (reportedly one of the worst airports in the world) with my mother, Margie, father, Kim and sister, Dana. Dana is living in Dublin right now, which is currently under a cloud of volcanic ash, so we’re hoping she makes it without too much of a delay.

We’ll be staying in Dehli for for four days before attending the wedding of the granddaughter of two orphans who grew up in the Mission Compound.

After the wedding we’ll be heading to Jaipur for a day, then to Agra to see the Taj Mahal (these two cities along with Delhi are referred to as the Golden Triangle).

We’ll then be taking a train down to Seoni, where we’ll be staying in a nearby tiger reserve at night (where my great-grandfather hunted tigers before they had “nature reserves”) and visiting the Mission Compound during the day.

After Seoni we’ll be taking a train up to Mumbai where we’ll check Bollywood out for a couple days before we head back to Vancouver.

Rock on!


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  1. Fred Dallyn Avatar
    Fred Dallyn

    Dale, you should post some of the photos you took. I have Grandfathers Kaisar- I- Hind medal in gold. Was presented by the Viceroy about 1930.
    Uncle Fred.

    1. Frederick McNeel Dallyn Avatar
      Frederick McNeel Dallyn

      Found listing in the London Gazette Birthday Honours List 4 June 1920. KIH First Class for public service .
      FMD .

  2. I am delighted to remember my Mission School of Seoni .I passed out from this great institution in year 1969.

  3. azam qutb Avatar
    azam qutb

    my mother was born in Seoni in 1924 . Her dad was in someway involved with the mission there . I am trying to find out what ever I can about Seoni and the missionaries who were there during that time.

    1. Karen Karp Willson Avatar
      Karen Karp Willson

      R U the Azam Qutb who went to B-CC in Maryland?

      1. azam qutb Avatar
        azam qutb

        yes I am. karen please please please reply my email is azamqutb@yahoo.com

  4. Hi Piyush,

    We’re very much looking forward to our trip to Seoni in two days time, I’ll definitely look for the School Bell.

    In case you’re interested, my great grandfather’s name was Reverend John McNeel, and my great aunt, Mary McNeel, served at the Mission Compound for many years. Perhaps your father remembers her?

    Very neat that you made this connection, I’ll post an update after my trip to Seoni.


  5. Hi Dale,
    Its nice to know who actually built the school I studied from. Its a monument and would daresay that most important figure in Seoni. The school was built in 1900 and i always wondered who dare to built it and thanked him several occasion to have thought about it. Check out School bell which serves as City Alarm in morning 🙂

    I’m manager in a IT firm and live in Cyprus (i’m sure you know where it is) for last 11 yrs. My father was a teacher in Mission school. It used to be the best school in town up until 12-14 yrs back.

    Have special time in Seoni, my city..

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