Today: lots of walking around Chile’s hilliest, most-touristed, slightly sketchy, very diverse, major port city: Valparaíso, followed by a gourmet dinner overlooking the port. Tomorrow: a trip to the mercado and all-day Chilean cooking classes with a local chef. For now: some snapshots of local street art. Enjoy! Chris p.s. – all of these photos were shot as JPGs on an iPhone or Fuji x100s and edited on an iPad using the Photogene app. I’m not 100% happy with this workflow and the image quality coming out of it, but damn is it nice to travel this light! I think between the Photogene exports and WordPress compression, a whole bunch of detail is getting crushed. I will be tweaking things over the next week or so and will blog a how-to in a bit more detail once I have it all resolved.