My Auntie Cher died this past week, and my heart is broken. Our family has lost a mom, an aunt, a sister, a friend, and really, one of our core matriarchs. Growing up, she was my second Mom. Her boys, my brothers. This may sound crazy, but I’ve never known how to spell her name. Sure, I know it’s Cheryl, but the short form was always a mystery to me. I remember being a kid, and my Mom asking me to write the message on a greeting card—usually in a rushed car ride on the way to some occasion or another. I never knew which one was right. Phonetically, it’s “Auntie Sherry,” but that wouldn’t do. Chery? Looks too much like cherry. Cheri? Cherie? I just didn’t know which one was right, and the thought of misspelling your second mom’s name is… I dunno, scary? What if I hurt her…Continue Reading