We just arrived in Florence, having walked 15 minutes from the train station. We have three days in Florence in a grand apartment with a view across the Arno (thanks Air BnB!), and tonight we’re off to a cooking class (thanks Christine and Mike!). Anyway, I thought I would post a few images from yesterday’s tourist blitz through Rome. We started the morning at the Forum and Palatine Hill, then hustled through the crowds into the Colosseum, then bussed across the city to the Vatican Museums, finishing things off with a visit to St. Peters, and dinner and wine (and, uh, beer too). It was a long day, with miles of walking and blistering heat (37 degrees C), but we kept our spirits up by reminding ourselves that being in Rome is a major privilege. And by laughing a bit at the miserable looks on the faces of many of our over-walked, over-heated…Continue Reading