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  • Faces of Mercado San Telmo

    Faces of Mercado San Telmo

    Laura and I had a nice time wandering Buenos Aires’ San Telmo barrio on our first day in BA. Every Sunday San Telmo hosts a very popular open air market with antiques, trinkets, and souvenirs galore. There is also a permanent market just off Defensa. Wandering through it, Laura suggested we ask some of the…

  • ¡Tango!


    You do not choose Tango. Tango chooses… me. – Chris Beauchamp My wife Laura is an amazing dancer. She’s grown up in dance classes. Jazz. Ballet. Ballroom. Belly dance. Hip hop. She’s done it all. On stage, even. Musical theatre? Dance clubs? No sweat. Think you can lead? She’ll follow, easily. Hell, she’ll lead. She…