Laura slaps the plate onto our new (to us) 2002 Nissan Sentra. This is a first for her: she's never owned a car.
Hi all! We’ve now been in Grande Prairie for about 10 days, and in that time we’ve managed to check several things off of our ever growing list of things to get done. Who would have thought that moving back to Canada and starting a new life in a completely different city would be so much work (okay, we knew it would). But still, we’ve done a lot, and most of it occurred yesterday, on our second wedding anniversary. Let’s see: yesterday we managed to register our new car (a Nissan Sentra), sign the paper work on our new home (a beautiful condo half-house), and we still had time to enjoy a wonderful meal at the local Italian restaurant to celebrate our happy marriage. It was bit hectic for me, juggling the car insurance and phone calls from what were essentially competing landlords. I guess we come off as desirable…Continue Reading