Being in Thailand, all I want to do is put photos up about Thailand but as promised here are some more shots of things we saw and did in Iran. I also promise you that I’ll make a special post about Persepolis. I got some good footage and photos.

For now, enjoy these.

Handsome Chris posing in front of the majestic roof top view of Yazd, Iran.

Yazd, Iran.

Yazd, Iran.

The traditional "female" door knocker. There is a separate and different door knocker for men. This is so the person answering the door knows which sex to expect on the other side. If it is a man knocking and a woman is answering the door then she must first cover up with her head scarf and chador.

The traditional "male" door knocker. This set of door knockers was on the door an historical house in Yazd, Iran.

Some women of Yazd walking down one of the beautiful mud-brick streets.

An Iranian liscence plate.

Yazd, Iran.

Some boys playing soccer in the historical section of Yazd, Iran. Only the historical section is still made of mub-brick, everything else looks like any modern city.

One of the famous air-cooling shafts in the mud-brick buildings of Yazd, Iran.

I noticed this handprint on the wall while Chris and I walked through an historical mud-brick house that was currently under renovation and restoration.

When I saw this mirror in the same house as the white handprint I couldn't help but take a funny photo. It looks like I'm sticking out my tongue even though I'm not.

The mirror worped and twisted my face in such amuzing ways, I just had to take another. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 🙂

Yazd, Iran (historical house).

Mud-brick buildings of Yazd, Iran.

Yazd, Iran.

Yazd, Iran.

A cute-ass cat that lived at our hotel in Yazd.