What’s it all about? It’s about traveling, exploring, learning, doing and developing as we see what planet Earth, its people, its flora and its fauna are all about.

This site is an amalgamation of worldly photography, written stories and videos that will hopefully entertain and perhaps even inform fellow traveling enthusiast.

We started the site in December 2009 to record and share our experiences with our friends, family and the world as we set off on a once in a life time adventure. For the first time in our lives we flew around the entire Earth and visited many sites of the world along the way.

Initially we left not knowing when or how we would return to Canada. In fact, our plan was to travel east across the world via bus, plane, train or automobile, visiting sites and places along the way and eventually finding jobs teaching English in Thailand (even though we had never been to Thailand before). Life, being funny the way it is, has brought us full circle back to Canada after eight months of being traveling nomads. However, a new adventure has begun in Canada.

Our adventure has changed many times along the way, like life does, so we can guarantee you won’t be bored with our site. If you’re up for adventure like eating tarantulas, zip lining 300 meters high, scuba diving, knitting, cooking, camping, dinosaurs, photography and more than please read on and explore the rest of the site.