When you arrive somewhere in the dark you try your best to get a feel for it, but when you look through the window the next morning, it’s amazing how different it actually looks. Chris and I arrived at Shelby, Montana at 1:00 am. It was dark, needless to say. When I pulled open the curtains the next morning, a dry snowless, winter prairie landscape met my eyes. “Montana”, I thought, “Is it a lot like Alberta?” After one hour on the road, it became apparent, no, Montana is nothing like Alberta. The landscape is prairie for the most part, like Alberta, but along Interstate 15 the curving hills glide into magnificant buttes and into angular, rugged mountains which are formed out of a different type of rock than the Canadian Rockies. If it’s not already clear, both Chris and I were blown away with the landscape of Montana. It…Continue Reading
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (and happy birthday to our friend Brianna, if she’s out there… somewhere) We finally closed the doors and ripped out of our driveway at 12:00 noon Friday, March 16, 2012. We had planned to leave Grande Prairie on Thursday night to start our 3-week road trip adventure, however work and other obligations held us back. We drove for 11 and a half hours only stopping twice to fill up the gas and once for dinner at 10:30pm in Lethbridge. Chris did all the driving! He’s a machine. We thought we’d take a few photos to capture the first day of our trip. From deer, to cows to magnificant home made chocolate-chip cookies from our friend Erika, the road trip is off to a wonderful start. Here’s what we spent to drive the 1,060 kilometers we drove yesterday. Gas $28.86 (tank was half empty, we filled up…Continue Reading