Piacenza, Italy
We helped Christine make this video today. We made it so she could send some much needed lovin’ to her boyfriend Mike. Christine is studying oenology (wine!) in the Mediterranean part of Europe, and is currently in Piacenza, Italy, where we are visiting her. Mike is doing a masters in econ in Toulouse, France, and is far from here. I ♥ U, too, by the way.  
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This one’s from our buddy Chris Tait, who apparently is also a pyromaniac. Thank you so so so much Chris. That was unbelievably awesome. Actually, Chris and I share the same birthday, the same first name, and the same love for the photographic medium. So happy birthday Chris! Also, thanks Mom and Dad for the email message and the moolah! Love you guys. – Chris  
And one more shot of the Piacenza wine gang... thanks guys.
Wow! Who knew turning 30 would be such a blast. I just want to say thanks to everyone for the kind wishes (especially Laura for arranging so many neat surprises). We had another party last night here at Christine’s place in Piacenza. It was a funeral theme, and all of Christine’s international school friends came dressed in black. They also all sang happy birthday in their native tongues which included French, Russian, Spanish, Afrikaans, Xosha (which I just learned is a South African language). It was really fun meeting them. Thanks Christine. Jon and Cam, thanks for the books. They’re perfect choices and I haven’t read either of them already. Although I’ll probably trade them for other books after I read them (the joys of traveling light). That was super thoughtful. Erin, thanks for the card. It does get better and better. We miss you too. Kate (and crew): thank…Continue Reading
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Hi all, I figured we owed you all a proper update outlining our plans for the next little while, aside from the cryptic reference to detours and cheap flights in the last post. On April 26 we will be leaving Lanciano, heading north on a train to a town near Milan called Piacenza. Laura’s friend Christine will be living there by then, and we plan to visit with her for about 8 days before boarding a flight out of Milan for Casablanca, Morocco (!). This will be our first time in Africa and we are really excited. The Morocco plan only came about because we discovered some outrageously cheap EasyJet flights from Milan. After a bit of research, we learned just how affordable Morocco can be to travel in, and figured “why not?” After three weeks in Morocco, on May 24 we will be flying to Madrid, Spain (another really…Continue Reading
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We know we’ve been lax on the updates, but we hope seeing this video will explain our absence. We decided at the last minute to make a video promoting our site for a CIRA contest. The grand prize is a new Macbook Pro laptop. If you’ve seen my beat-up old duct-taped computer, you’d agree we could sorely use one. So, if we make it to the finals, we’ll be after all of you to help us generate votes. For now, just enjoy the video. If you like it, maybe head over to Youtube and click the thumbs-up icon below the video… … From the video description on our new Youtube account: March 15, 2010 — This is our entry for the Canadian Internet Registration Authority’s “Show us Your .CA” contest. It’s the second video we’ve made, and I think we’ve improved on our skills. We’d love to hear some opinions…Continue Reading
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Hey guys, Welcome to our film debut! The footage is all from one day in and around Fethiye, on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Please feel free to let the Oscar Committee know what you think. We rented a scooter in Fethiye for three days. Cost us 60 Turkish Lira total (about $45 CDN), plus another 40TL in gas. Our moms will be happy to know that the scooter was returned without incident yesterday. The video was shot with a little Canon point-and-shoot and edited with iMovie ’09. I gotta say, it’s a powerful little software package, and super easy to use. Although, editing still took us about 7 hours. Footage by Laura Editing by Chris and Laura Music by Niyaz (they’re Iranian, not Turkish, but the mood is right) Song is Nahan If you want us to produce more videos in the future, you better let us know in…Continue Reading