You do not choose Tango. Tango chooses… me. – Chris Beauchamp My wife Laura is an amazing dancer. She’s grown up in dance classes. Jazz. Ballet. Ballroom. Belly dance. Hip hop. She’s done it all. On stage, even. Musical theatre? Dance clubs? No sweat. Think you can lead? She’ll follow, easily. Hell, she’ll lead. She even took a Capoeira class when we lived in Calgary. The woman can move. Which makes it all the more amazing she married me, a spastic fool of the highest order. Sure, I might have some spirit when the mood strikes just right, or when the beer is cheap, or when the doors are closed and the blinds are pulled tight. But what I don’t have, at all, is rhythm, grace, coordination… And while that hasn’t always stopped me from giving it my all on the dance floors of the world, it has frequently stopped…Continue Reading