Hey all, Just want to say a big thank you for visiting our site! We hit a few milestones in the last week and we’re stoked that so many seem so interested in what we are up to. These numbers are all firsts for OutThereSomewhere.ca: 100 posts 400 comments 1500 visits (in last 30 days) 5500 pageviews (in last 30 days) That spike on the graph above represents 98 visits on a single day, which is the highest we’ve seen (June 19, 2010). The right-most point on the graph represents 47 visits, which is about our daily average. We’ve had visitors from 59 countries in the past 30 days, and from 89 countries during the blog’s lifetime. We’ve had over 2,000 unique visitors since the blog’s debut in January. Here are our visitor stats over the past six months: The steady climb of visitors is very encouraging to us. These…Continue Reading