My dear friend Kat Lord took a 13-hour Grey Hound bus ride up to Grande Prairie on December 30th to be with Chris and I on New Years Eve. She stayed the week with us and  then on Friday January 7th we all drove down to Calgary for the 50th Anniversary of The Gauntlet, the student newspaper Chris and I met at and the hub and heart of our university careers. While Kat was here, she wanted some photos of her and Zappa. Zappa used to belong to Kat when he was a new born kitten, but in 2005 Kat couldn’t keep him anymore and she asked Chris if he would take him. Zappa moved in with Chris and the other roommates during the summer of 2005. I moved in with Chris, Zappa and the gang in September 2005. So, Zappa has seniority.  Unfortunately that means I clean his litterbox,…Continue Reading