I fantasize about riding a cute bicycle with a basket, while wearing a dress and my hair perfectly blowing in the wind. Add to this fantasy the idea of riding along the many rows of grapes belonging to a vineyard and gracefully jumping off my bicycle at the doors of the vineyard to sample their wines, and the dream is complete. The world is a wonderful place when it enables your fantasies to come true. In the small town of Maipu, 30-minutes from Mendoza, Argentina you can rent a bike and ride among the vineyards from winery to winery tasting wines along the way. A bike costs 50 pesos (~$8.00 CAN) for the day, you just have to be back to the shop by 7:00 pm or earlier. Most of the vineyards close between 4:00 – 6:00 pm, so this isn’t difficult. What was difficult, and not part of my…Continue Reading