Termal Cacheuta

We splurged and spent a day at the spa outside of Mendoza. Highlights included mud baths, pools of several tem­per­at­ures, a giant buffet lunch (includ­ing tons of asado — Argentine bar­be­cue), and a won­der­ful swim in the nearby river canyon. This kind of thing is super popular with Argentines, as evid­enced by the busload of vaca­tion­ing locals we spent the day with, and the throngs who come out on their own to enjoy bbqs and picnics all up and down the river bank. It was pretty great. Here are a few images.








2 thoughts on “Termal Cacheuta”

  1. I LOVE reading about all your adven­tures and seeing the gor­geous pics (I saved one as my desktop wall­pa­per — total nerd, I know). Can’t wait til you come back and tell us all about your travels!


    Chris Reply:

    Awww. Thanks Abby.


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